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Fall 2023 Wedding Ring Trends: Embracing Autumn’s Beauty

As the leaves turn golden hues and the air becomes crisp, Fall 2023 wedding trends reflect the warmth and comfort of the season. From rich gemstones to vintage designs, couples are embracing autumn’s rustic beauty within their rings. Local Vancouver jewelers are crafting stunning collections to match this aesthetic. Read on for an overview of the top Fall 2023 bridal ring trends and get inspired for your own autumn wedding style.

Nature’s Hues: Earthy Gemstones

Reflecting the earthy tones of Fall, gemstones in shades of red, orange and brown take center stage this season. Popular choices include:


Available in a variety of rich reds, garnets add a pop of color. Their durability also makes them ideal for everyday wear. Consider an antique-style setting to allow the gemstone to shine.

Smoky Quartz

Ranging from light tan to deep smokey browns, smoky quartz has an alluring, mysterious look. It pairs perfectly with rose gold and fall-themed floral engravings.


With its warm yellow and orange hues, this gemstone embodies sunshine. Citrine makes a unique choice for a colorless diamond alternative. Surround it with amber diamonds for a bold, Fall look.


Found in banded shades of crimson, orange, brown and grey, agate has an earthy, organic appearance. Use it as an accent stone or engraving within the band for a boho vibe.

Agat used for rings decoration

Vintage Revival: Art Deco Designs

Art Deco style rings hearken back to the opulence and bold shapes of the 1920s. These antique-inspired designs stand out with:

  • Ornate filigree and geometric patterns
  • Large center stones surrounded by accent stones
  • Elongated marquise and baguette diamonds
  • Contrasting metal tones like white and yellow gold

For a modern twist, try mismatched bands or east-west set diamonds. This vintage trend pairs perfectly with Great Gatsby-inspired weddings.
Vintage wedding rings

Bold Statements: Chunky Chains

This season’s jewelry is all about standing out. Chunky chains and necklaces make a striking addition next to your wedding bands. Mix metals, like gold and silver, for added interest. Some stylish finds include:

  • Figaro chains: Intertwining metals with wider links
  • Box chains: Square-shaped links of equal size
  • Singapore chains: Diamond-shaped links
  • Rope chains: Twisting metal cords

Don’t be afraid to layer multiple chains together in contrasting metals. This on-trend look works perfectly atop autumnal knits.

Floral Design Aesthetic

Drawing inspiration from Fall foliage, floral motifs shine in ring designs this season. Consider these romantic details:

  • Diamond cluster centers resembling flowers
  • Engravings of leaves, vines or flowers
  • Gemstones set in organic-shaped clusters
  • Nature-inspired vine or twig bands
  • Delicate detailing recalling Victorian era style

For added meaning, incorporate your wedding flowers into the design. Work with your jeweler to customize the perfect floral ring.

Wedding rings with flowers

Hidden Halo Setting

Give your center stone a bolder presence with a hidden halo setting. Smaller diamonds surround the center gem, increasing its size. The halo also extends under the diamond, creating maximum sparkle.

An exposed halo has a more vintage appearance, while a hidden halo looks modern and sleek. Adding extra diamonds increases the overall carat weight. This optical illusion setting satisfies couples wanting a wow-factor ring on a budget.

Unique Bespoke Designs

A growing trend is rings tailored exactly to the couple’s style. Known as bespoke or custom designs, clients work with jewelers to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Every detail holds personal significance, from the gems to metal choice. Unique touches like engraved messages, fingerprints or birthstones add extra meaning.

Bespoke provides complete creative freedom. Ideas include combining your personalities within one ring or designing matching sets. Local Vancouver jewelers can guide you through the process for the perfect ring.

Colored Gemstones

White diamonds remain a timeless choice, but couples are exploring more unique options. The use of colored gemstones and diamonds is trending upwards.

Sapphires, rubies and emeralds add a dramatic pop of color. For a more subtle look, turn to light pink morganites, aquamarines and champagne diamonds.

Try pairing contrasting gemstones, like an emerald flanked by chocolate diamonds. Colored rings allow you to match your personality.

Step-Cut Diamond Rings

Step cuts like emerald or Asscher cuts have clean lines and large facets that reflect light beautifully. Their Art Deco style enhances vintage-inspired rings.

Ovals and pears also remain on-trend for their elongated shape and sparkle. Pair them with a pave or halo setting to maximize brilliance. These diamond shapes intersect perfectly with the bold styles of the season.

Modern Bridal Sets

Traditional solitaires and plain bands don’t suit every bride’s style. Modern bridal sets allow you to mix, match and customize for your dream rings.

Some top options for Fall 2023 include:

  • Mismatched bands: Mix metals, shapes or gemstones
  • Three-stone rings: Past, present, future stones
  • Five-stone rings: Representing family members
  • Infinity rings: Bands without an end
  • Stackable bands: Thin rings forming a stack
  • Jacket settings: Removable covers to change styles

With this trend, you get the variety without overwhelming your fingers. Work with your partner to design rings with personal significance.

Statement Wedding Bands

Plain gold bands look classic next to an extravagant engagement ring, but some prefer making a splash with their wedding ring too.

Statement bands this season feature unique details like:

  • Multicolored metals
  • Contrasting diamond shapes
  • Personalized engravings
  • Family stones embedded within
  • Natural materials like wood or stone
  • Alternative metals like titanium

For a coordinated look, select matching design elements in your set. A local jeweler can help design bands that reflect your personal tastes.

Seasonal Considerations

Here are some additional tips for choosing your autumn engagement ring:

  • Warm metals: Rose or yellow gold pairs perfectly with Fall colors
  • Durability: Select stones that can handle everyday wear
  • Accent stones: Use rustic-hued sapphires, topaz, garnets and amber
  • Engravings: Consider leaf motifs, dates, or lyrics
  • Eco-conscious: Ask about ethical sourcing and recycled metals
  • Set your budget: Prices span vastly so define your range early

While rings should reflect your individual style, the season can provide useful inspiration. Talk to local jewelers about achieving your dream look within your budget.

Shopping for Your Vancouver Bridal Rings

With so many options to consider, working with a trusted Vancouver jeweler streamlines the process. Experts can educate you on cuts, settings and stones to match your vision.

Fall 2023 Wedding Ring Trends

As Fall’s beauty comes to life, trends embrace the warmth, allure and craftsmanship of the season. With an abundance of shapes, metals, stones and designs to select from, couples have ample opportunity to find or create their perfect rings. By leveraging the services of reputable local jewelers, the hunt for your special ring becomes an enjoyable part of your love story.

FAQs About Fall 2023 Wedding Ring Trends

Still have questions about the latest bridal jewelry trends? Below are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the most popular diamond cuts for Fall 2023?

We’re seeing a revival of Art Deco inspired shapes like Asscher, emerald and oval cuts. Their sleek, geometric lines pair elegantly with vintage inspired settings.

Should my rings match or be different?

Either option works beautifully! Mismatched bands are trending but coordinated sets look classic. Let your individual styles guide you.

How can I get an eco-friendly ring?

Request ethically sourced stones, recycled metals and environmentally responsible production methods. Local jewelers can help source earth-conscious rings.

What metal choices complement Fall color schemes?

Warm metals like yellow or rose gold complement autumnal colors nicely. Some also opt for mixed metals, like a rose gold setting with yellow gold band.

Should I have a custom ring designed?

Custom creation is great for tailoring every detail, but the process requires time and multiple consultations. If you need a ring quickly, custom likely isn’t feasible.

What engraving ideas relate to Fall?

Engrave initials, wedding dates, lyrics from your first dance song, leaves, or autumn phrases like “a perfect pair.” Ask your jeweler for font and placement guidance.

Can I finance a custom engagement ring?

Many jewelers offer financing options to split payments over time. Make sure terms are clear before moving forward. Budget carefully.

How soon should I begin ring shopping before proposing?

Ideally 6-8 months if working with a designer to create a custom piece. Ready-to-buy and pre-made bridal sets can be purchased much quicker.

What questions should I ask jewelers?

Inquire about sourcing, metal qualities, customization options, warranties, financing, insurance, return policies, and cleaning/maintenance needs. Come prepared!

Start Planning Your Perfect Vancouver Wedding Rings

As you embrace the beauty of Fall and begin planning your proposal, keep these stunning trends in mind. Schedule an appointment with reputable local jewelers like engagement rings vancouver LuxuryDiamonds store to view collections and ask questions.

Their expertise will prove invaluable for finding your dream rings within budget. With some inspiration from the season, your custom or ready-made rings are sure to embody natural warmth and timeless romance.